A Guided Tour of Transitioning & Planning
for Your Retirement Dreams
Gap-TimeSM is the response to pre- and post-retirement life, designed to help individuals plan for life success with particular attention to adapting to and enjoying adulthood through the discovery of new directions. Gap-Time represents that time 6 to 10 years before retiring and
6 to 10 years after retiring.

Gap-Time Planning. Examines new directions through interactive exercises and thought-provoking questions in the design and implementation of pre-retirement seminars in order to assist and encourage individuals to adequately prepare for their psychological well-being into the future.

Coaching. Empowers participants to explore new ways of living in retirement and inspires a life of meaning and purpose. There is a lot to think about including:

How will I spend my time?
Do I want to do any form of work?
If so, do I want to be paid or will it be in the volunteer sector?
What sort of activities will I be suited to given my experience and temperament?
What sort of hobbies will suit me?
Do I want to pursue educational goals?
Where can I find the necessary information to pursue my academic goals?
Participants/clients can analyze their own strengths and likes and then match them to what they can do for a long and happy life into the future. Guide to Starting a Post-Retirement Business. Profit from your mature years by doing something you love. Learn about developing the best contacts and resources to help you get it done.
Offices in Washington, D.C. and New Orleans, LA
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